What Cleaners Do On their First Visit

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What Cleaners Do On their First Visit

You have recruited a cleaning company, to take care of your home, clean the rooms and appliances, make it tidy, because you don’t have time to do it yourself, yet you have no intention of living in a total mess.

On their first visit, given you have hired them for regular check-ups, they will stay longer and do more work, than usually. This is because there are places where dirt accumulate, which have been, to put it simply, neglected. Those areas will require a more thorough approach and therefore will take more time. I tell you this so you don’t jump to conclusion over the fastness of the cleaning services on their first visit. The areas that usually require more attention are as follows.

Kitchen tends to collect the most dirt of all. Grease and dirt, and dust seem to move through the entire house and gather up in the kitchen, it being the epicentre of it all. Dust that most often accumulates on the top of the fridge, mixed with some grease can be a tough one to deal with. Some people may ask for oven cleaning, or to clean the refrigerator.

Cleaners in London also tend to work thoroughly on the bathrooms, them being the next most nasty place in the home. Though water is a constant there and it all may seem clean on the first look, mould and mildew may grow beneath, in very subtle places. Usually you notice them too late and simple cleaning will not suffice – you will need a serious repair. Also common stains are the soap residuals, as well as hard water stains.

Other areas may vary from home to home. Sometimes a person, the client, have not vacuumed beneath his or her sofa for months. Not only because it does not bother them, but agree, that it is much harder for a single person to move the sofa, or the wardrobe, for example, than a bunch of cleaners London team. Also items like chandeliers and furnishings can take some additional time, but are crucial to the overall cleanliness.

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