Removing Grease Stains

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Removing Grease Stains

Grease can be a very nasty stain. IF you get it in a garage, while working on your car and wearing some old working clothes, it’s fine, they are expendable. But what to do when certain greasy stains happen to find their way to the carpet, or clothes or on some expensive furniture ? Here is how you should proceed.

Fullers earth and block magnesia can help out, when you use them in a combination, for carpet greasy stains. Pour the same amount of both into a small pan or bucket of hot water, mix it up, and spread the mixture over the stain. Afterwards leave it to dry. Once it is, vacuum the spot and brush it. You can also sprinkle some soda bicarbonate, over the stained area for a day. If you have spilled hot grease over the carpet pour water on it, to make it set and prevent spreading. Same goes for hard floors.

To remove greasy stains from clothes cleaners London advice the following : while the stain is still fresh pour talcum powder on it and leave for 30 minutes. Then brush off. If the stain, however, has been there for a while, soak the clothes in kerosene for half an hour. Then launder them and wash on the hottest possible setting. For cotton clothes you can rub them with cornstarch and press on it with hot iron. After removing the starch launder the clothes as usual.

For furniture use kerosene, just like for the clothes. Professional cleaning services may help put in most cases, however you will not call them for small stains. Rub with kerosene until the stain is gone. If this does not work make a solution of 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a cup of hot water.. For darker furniture use malt vinegar. Rub the stain with it, but make sure you wipe it off immediately – do not allow it to sit on the wooden surface. Repeat as many times as you have to.

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