Questions All Rental Guarantors Should Answer Before They Sign – Part 2

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If you answer with yes to the four questions for potential rental guarantors in the previous part, it means that you are ready to help the person who asks you about this and you can proceed with the second part of the process. It is essential that you are completely clear with all your obligations and responsibilities before the inventory clerk is invited to conduct a check-in London inventory report. If you are not, you can turn to the landlord or the letting agency for more information and clarification. Here are some questions which could be helpful for clearing up some issues related to this:
1. Who are you signing as a rental guarantor for? This might sound silly but you should be sure that the tenancy agreement you are signing is just under the name of your trustee for you don’t want to be responsible for the whole rented house if it is a multiple accommodation.
2. What type of tenancy agreement do you sign?
3. How long will you be hold responsible as a guarantor? If you sign a year long lease and your trustee decides to extended after this or ended earlier, what happens for you?
4. In financial terms, what exactly are your obligations?
5. If your trustee misses to pay a monthly rent, how will the landlord or letting agent notify you and how should you proceed?
6. What are the consequences for you if the tenant stops paying his rent or leave without notice?
7. Will you be involved in any other property procedures as house inspections, checks, inventory reports London and others?

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