Popular Stains and How to Clean Them

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Popular Stains and How to Clean Them

Here is a compilation of the most common stains that you may get on yourself and how to clean them. It is easier with a cleaning guide, since all the information is on one place and it is good to know how to react if there is an emergency.

Coffee stain we can get everywhere – on work, in the office, with mates on a lunch break, at home, at a poker game at your friends place. It is a very wide spread issue that has an easy solution. As soon as you notice the stain, go to a bathroom and use some soap and cold water to wash the stain. If you are fast it will go away immediately.

Some fruits, like blackberries have juices that are very tough to remove. Use lemon juice on them as soon as you notice the stain. Acting fast usually pays out and you will have better chances at removing the stain. If you let it sit there for some time, you’ll be risking making it permanent. If the lemon juice does not work proceed with bar soap and laundrying.

Mildew stains must be soaked in hot water with some oxygen bleach, this depends on the fabric type. Also if you find one on a carpet you cannot submerge the entire carpet in water. For what I have seen, careful use of bleach on a cloth can remove most of the stain. You can save from carpet cleaning prices if you try to wash it out gently this way. However I prefer to take it to the professionals. As for the drying you should put it on direct sunlight. This does not apply for the carpets.

The greasy stains can be removed with some cornstarch, being sprinkled upon them, afterwards you place the item upside down on an ironing board and with the iron set on hot setting, iron the opposite side of the stain. Put some cloth or rag beneath the garment piece to absorb the oily stain.

Other than coffee, tea stains can be as much as common and annoying. Domestic cleaners London suggest the same procedure as with the coffee – soaping the stain, rubbing it with mild soap, ivory soap works best, then rinsing with cold water.

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