Modern World and Modern Canada in It

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Modern World and Modern Canada in It

The way the modern economies work and the future of the world’s development are all related very strong at the moment with the oil. This is the main engine of the people’s progress for the last 100 years and therefore our whole working systems and economies are based on it. However, the future looks unpleasant these days because of the decreasing quantities of oil supplies and the increase of the needed efforts to get them.

So, which are the countries that have most of this natural recourse, how are they developing and what the future looks like for them and for the rest of the countries?

If you call Canada these days you will see that this is one of the countries where the people are happiest. The reason for that is simple – there the level of crimes is low, the economy is stable and the future, based on oil is fine in comparison to this of the US. Recently, Canadian authorities announced that they will increase the oil production in order to satisfy the growing needs of the US.

Other aspect of the well looking future developing of Canada are the military contracts that they have. Both of them are interesting and deserve our attention. The first one is for many big and small ships and the ship manufacturer will create over 15 000 working place in order to complete the job. This contract includes also maintaining of the ships and their modernising for 30 years period, so the people in the ship companies will have what to do in the next 30 years which is a great news for them.

The jet fighter contract is the another thing that we can look at. This is the biggest military deal in the history of Canada. The first idea was for the government to buy 65 machines from the US but because of the low performance and very high prices, the Canadians are now stepping back from the contract and looking for alternatives.

However, all these things will effect mainly the normal Canadian citizens because these are their money that have been spend there and therefore they are most concerned about them. So, make some international calls and try to speak with the people. Ask them about their opinion and about their ideas.

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