How To Deal With Wear And Tear?

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How To Deal With Wear And Tear?

If you live in a rented property, you will most certainly have to deal with wear and tear of the furnishing, decoration or appliances in the house or apartment. When you notice such kind of problems, you should insist that your landlord comes with an inventory clerk who will list the changes in an inventory London interim report of the property.
Usually, in case there is wear and tear, you should refer to the principles written in the tenancy agreement. Most commonly the landlord is the person who should repair or replace the old or damaged furniture. But sometimes he is too busy or just doesn’t want to be bothered about this kind of problems. If your landlord is like the one described, then you should first notify him about the problem and give him a certain period during which he can take action (for example one or two weeks). If he hasn’t done anything for the given period, then it is about time for you to take the wheel.
You should search for a repairman who offers the best services at a reasonable price. After that you should choose several offers and show them to your landlords so he can decide which will be the most suitable for your case. If the landlord doesn’t want to get involve, then again you can make the decision by yourself. When the job is done, you should require a receipt from the repairman, which you should send to the landlord and leave a copy for yourself. Usually, the amount of money for the repair should be extracted from your monthly rent payment but don’t forget to talk it through with your landlord before that.
After all the changes to the property are finished, they should be included in the London inventory reports.

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