How to Clean With Minimal Effort

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We all would love to spend less time on boring and bothersome chores, and spend it on something cheerful and creative, right ? Unfortunately cleaning is essential. Unless you want to die from some disease, caused by some vermin, which would live in a dirty place. So how can you keep up the cleanliness in the place, without going into hours of cleaning ? Here I have some tips for you.

Me, being a professional cleaner, often face the challenges of having to beat time and still make quite a good performance. With this I mean, that when on a job, I have to be able to clean the objective, without wasting time and effort and the job I do must be, if not perfect, then as close to perfection as possible. This is why, we the Professional Cleaning Services have developed several off the record rules, to be used at our homes. Mostly these come from the opinions of our own clients.

Minimal effort does not mean no effort at all. You should realize, that there is a difference between the words “simple” and “easy”. Never look for the easy way out. It could be even dangerous sometimes. What I mean by this little article though, is that some things can be simplified, up to a point when you are doing, something like “1, 2, 3, and Presto”, and you are done. So keep that in mind.

First of all, one of the most lengthy tasks is dusting. You should be glad to know, that one third of it can be skipped without any complains. The truth is, most people don’t look beyond their own reach. So the top shelves and high wardrobes can be utterly skipped. Also, some corners, or shelves within other furniture, where you keep your dish ware can be skipped also.

A good tip, for easier cleaning is to avoid keeping small items locked away, on a shelf, behind some glass doors, perhaps. Dust does not get in there nearly as often as on open space, hence you will have to dust it once a year, probably.

Another quick cleaning tip is to keep the place tidy and put things to their places as soon as possible. What Cleaning Services in London mean by this is that clothing, when in need of laundering, should be put there immediately, and don’t gather into a single pile overtime in the living room. Also things that you use every day – dishes, magazines, toys, weights and likewise, should be kept at their places and returned there after their use. This way you will spend much less time rearranging them when the time for cleaning comes, because they will already be at their places and not spread over the entire house.

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