Fire Prevention

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Fire Prevention

Most people think that their property is safe from fire, because they have taken all necessary precautions, such as not drying clothes on the radiator, installing smoke detectors in the kitchen, placing various fire extinguishers in easily accessible areas of the household and so on. But in truth no matter how prepared we are, we cannot cover all flammable hazards of our home. Sometimes a small thing like a spark is enough to cause serious damage. Here is a list of the most underestimated areas and objects of your house, that can hit hard when you least expect it.

- Dust – don’t place dusty items near the heaters. Dust can act as a spark conductor and your place could get torched down very quickly if a dusty item catches fire. That is why you should dust regularly your home. You can also take the next step and regularly call local cleaning services to fully remove any dust from your home. For example if you reside in the Narre Warren areas, seek for cleaners Narre Warren located in the cleaning Narre Warren section in the yellow pages.

- Gaming consoles- if you own a Xbox, Playstation or a Nintendo Wii, make sure to place them on separate shelving away from other electronic devices. Gaming consoles have powerful interior fans that cool their processors. However if these fans get overheated the consequences may even result in a small fire. Thus a good air circulation around the console when using it is of imperative importance.

- Laptops- the case is similar to the gaming consoles you could purchase a cooling pad as a precaution.

- Oven overload- cooking accidents are the number one reason for domestic fires. Most of the cooking fires begin by the oven getting overloaded, that is why you should make sure not to leave the oven or stoves turn on when you’re not cooking.

- Glass in a household- just like a magnifying glass, glass decorations such as tables, decorative walls or even windows, can magnify the sunlight which can create a fire in a instance if close by the glass are placed flammable objects like, magazines, newspaper, curtains and etc.

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