Amazing Uses of Vodka

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Amazing Uses of Vodka

Vodka has a lot more uses than only drinking. And you can take advantage of all of them, if you know how to use it properly.

Here are some tips and advices that will be very useful for you, if you decide to use vodka for more than drinking. You do not need to use the most expensive alcohol that you have at home, even the cheapest vodka will do a great job.

Combine one part of water and one part of vodka and pour the liquid in a freezer bag when frozen. This way you will make a reusable ice pack, that you can use for aches, black eyes and pains.

The next thing you can do is to fill a clean, empty clean jar with fresh lavender flowers. Pour in it vodka and then seal the lid and set it in the sun for no more than three days.

You can uses this liquid to treat pains and aches.

To dry out faster a cold sore, apply some vodka, suggest domestic cleaners in Croydon services.

When having wounds and blisters, just apply some vodka directly to the skin. Alcohol act as a local anaesthetic, it will not be a pleasant experience, but it is really effective.

Except used instead of house cleaners, alcohol is also very effective at dealing with fever, you should use a cloth or towel dumped with vodka, and after that ask someone to rub your chest and back.

One very effective way to get rid of foot odor is to wash them with vodka, according to professionals from cleaning Dandenong company.

One of the biggest advantages of vodka is that it can make the opposite sex look more attractive than they really are, or plied with enough vodka, a member of the opposite sex can find you more attractive that you really are. In conclusion, if everything else fails, then tip the bottle up and drink it.

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